Patricia starts from the individual needs and possibilities that are present in the moment.  She follows no fixed pattern, but uses different techniques that fit the student best. 

Het focus is healthy voice use and expanding your vocal possibilities.

You can obviously learn how to sing better in tune, or receive guidance on how to sing your chosen repertoire more efficiently.

The first lesson always contains an intake.  Singing is very personal, and it is important that there is a good fit.

Usually lessons are for one hour, but sometimes sessions of 1,5 or 2 hours can be scheduled (in preparation of a performance for example).

Some students have weekly lessons, others schedule a series when they feel a need, or bundle them in an intensive course to prepare themselves for a specific given.  Some have a lesson once a month.  As they are scheduled according to your needs, there are a lot of options.  Lessons can be scheduled during the day, in the evenings, during the week or the weekend.  

Terms and conditions 

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