Sometimes, you want to work intensively around a specific topic with fellow singers.  This is why we organise these group lessons technique.  

During 5 weeks (1 hour a week) you focus on a certain technical topic in groups of 2 to 4 singers.

You can enroll for each series separately.  Fee per series: 140 euro pp

Currently we are not scheduling live sessions (due to Covid-19).  

SERIES 1 : alignment and breathing

You are consciously working with your body alignment, focus on efficient breathing, and practice to keep this alignment whilst moving.

SERIES 3 : harmony

You practice to sing different harmonies and chord progressions with which you improvise a spontaneous harmony.

SERIES 2 : resonance and sound

You explore different sounds and discover what they do with your timbre.

SERIES 4 : singing from the score / solfege for singers 

You learn how to transform the symbols on the sheet into a song.  This through learning to recognising intervals and how to sing them.  

Elementary knowledge of the G-clef is required.

If there is no music theory knowledge whatsoever, a more thorough series can be organised upon request.

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